Thursday, August 22, 2013

F.A.B. Back-to-School Countdown

Guess who's back? School. 
You wake up to rush to get to class on time, maybe try to sneak in a quick breakfast and your out the door. From building to building,running up and down floor to floor, from one class to the next, what does one throw on to tackle the day? 
When you're low on time, you can never go wrong with the basics. Easy to choose and always easy to pull off, keeping you comfy and still school chic. 
They say, you can pay for school but you can't buy class but buying these classic pieces are as close as you get to looking like you did.
Today's Style: Basic Prep

    River Island Grey Boxy Crop T-shirt
         Uniqlo Woman Color Mini Skirt
                Zara Platent Blucher 
              Herschel Settlement Plus
1. Crop tee- The simple, everyday t-shirt that can make any outfit look as if you never even tried. It pairs well with so many different styles and stays comfy and effortless everytime. You can never have enough crop tee's. 
2. Mini Skirt/ High Waisted Shorts- Who wears short shorts? We do. Mini skirts and shorts shows off your nice legs and pushes the limit for your basic fit. In the season's most trendiest colors and shades of denim in comparison to the crop top, the shorter the better. 
P.S: For chillier days add over the knee socks to the look and channel your ultimate school girl look. 
3.Oxfords- These shoes prep up the preppy look. Classic, uniformed yet unique as their designs vary. Socks or no socks, walk down the halls with a pair and be ready for anything. It's every students' business meets casual, regular shoe wear. 
4. Accessories/ Backpacks/Frames- Remember no girl is complete without some accessories. Spice up your basics and turn it into a outfit that completely embraces you. Make sure you have a good sturdy bag for all those books and supplies; it can be stylish too. Sun may come and go so opt for shades on sunny days and maybe nerdy frames for not so sunnier days. 

    What are some of your fav basics? 

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