Monday, August 19, 2013

F.A.B. Back-To-School Countdown

Ah, its that time of the year again; where backpacks are dusted off, notebook sales go up, and the term "no white after labor day" gets thrown around. Back to school. 

There is always this sigh of reluctance when people hear of school nearing, usually at the thought of coming back to reality. However, when it comes to fashion, the ending of summer marks a new wave of trends and styles. Yeah, you may not be able to throw on your floral sundress or wear your flip flops anymore, but you have a whole new fashion season, where you can wear your scarves, hats, gloves, boots, or practically anything that makes you excited about fall (I know those are what excite me.) Anyways, think of this back-to-school transitioning period as a time to transition your wardrobe, where you can still keep summer elements, but you can very well start bringing back Autumn. 

To ease the summer-sadness that some of you have about the upcoming school semester, we are bringing to you a week full of fall outfit inspiration. Each day until school begins, there will be a new outfit representing a completely different style. 

Today's Style: Business Casual

1. A Peplum Top
These are one of those versatile items that I think every woman should have in her wardrobe. Not only is it appropriate for every season and most occasions, but it is also figure-flattering for every body type. Peplum tops give the illusion of curves for those who don't have, while accentuating already-curvy girls, all while showing very little skin. Moreover, they work well for outfits for school, the office, or even dates.

2. Trousers
The trouser is another essential to anyone who is both working and going to school. But, that doesn't mean it can't be fun or fashion-forward! To liven up a work outfit, try going for a trouser with a stripe or a print that you love. If you have more of a classic style or work in a less-cooky workplace, then try a color other than the run-of-the-mill black pant. In the outfit above, I paired a solid peplum top with forrest-green pants, so don't be afraid to play with different colors!

3. Loafers or Flats
Loafers are another recent trendy item, with a menswear-inspired twist. The reason why they work so well for school and work is that they are comfortable yet still stylish. With a pair of loafers or even flats,  you don't have to suffer in a pair of high-heels all day or even have to change into them at your work. A flat shoe can be just as sophisticated, with the right styling of course. 

4. A Watch
I know that some people might say: "isn't my phone a good indicator of the time?" However, a watch isn't just a functional accessory. As a matter of fact, the watch is a timeless (no pun intended) fashion-item, which can represent one's personal style. Whether it be a modern number-less watch or a rose-gold chain watch, a watch can really add to an outfit and give you that accessory pop if you're a no-fuss fashionista. Also, there is something about a watch that just looks plain professional.

5. Leather Shopper/Tote
Something big enough to store your books and laptop, yet sophisticated enough to transition to work is exactly what a leather tote can do (faux or not). Just be on the lookout for one with a sturdy strap that will last for a long time and internal compartments to keep you organized.

What are some of your business-casual essentials?

Stay tuned for our next Back-to-School outfit!

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  1. I love the outfit you pulled together it looks great. Lovely post xoxo