Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Denim Casual

Dress your style with a colored pant, like khaki, with a denim/leather ensemble and dress shoes gentlemen. Casual, yet dressy. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


It may be the old-timer inside of me, but I've always had a fondness of hats; beanies, caps, fedoras, felted ones, athletic ones, leather ones...the list can go on and on. The fact that this amazing accesory frames the face and adds a touch of mystery and drama to an outfit is enough to have me swoon, hence my hat drawer reaching full capacity lately. Besides its aesthetic appeal however, hats are also a great way to hide messy hair (*personal secret revealed). 

This season, we're seeing a revival of the 70's floppy hat. It was always something you'd see thrown on along with some huge white-rimmed frames and a jumpsuit, but its almost becoming a staple of the sophisiticated city-girl or city-guy. To be honest, I always found it sort of "daring" or even slightly obnoxious of me to wear a huge floppy in-your-face hat. The thought of hitting someone in the face with my commuter-sized backpack is enough of an issue to grapple with- now I have to worry about my hat?!? I always admired those people who could pull off something so daring and mysterious-looking, but never had the courage to actually try this trend, myself.....but I'm slowly getting lured in. 

As a matter of fact, I walked into an H&M today with the mission to get one of these beautiful hats, but alas-they were sold out! I'm not giving up.

What do you think of the floppy hat trend?



Monday, February 24, 2014

Suit it with a theme

Hello my fellow bloggers, 

I've been missing in action lately, but let's get back to bizz. This post is a late one and I'll apologize in advance. For this fashion pic, my fellow co-worker and I were trying to match for the Valentines Day holiday. Check out the woman's leather jacket worn over a dress with stockings and boots as for myself I'm wearing a black suit, white button down and a red tie that so happened to match the girls red lipstick color. Hope you had a match on your vday! Until next time. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Photos via. PINTEREST
Collage via. My Personal Polyvore
I'm sure everyone has those days where you have absolutely nothing to wear, or at least it seems as though you have nothing to wear. So, what do we do? More often than not, we put on one of our many black items, which we usually curse at during check-out as a vow to purchase more colorful things. But, why is it that black always works? How is it that you can put on an outfit that is solely black (maybe not including underwear), yet still manage to look perfect? 

Here are some of my sentiments as to why we often choose black as the go-to "I have nothing to wear" color:

1. Black is a good disguise
Don't you ever have those days where you just wish you could go unnoticed? Days where you don't really want to draw attention to yourself?  Days where you just want to slip into class, then slip out? I find that on these sort of days, black is my go-to camouflage, it really becomes synonymous with my mood. 

2. Black makes you a badass
...especially in the form of leather. When wearing an outfit completely comprising of black, I find a sort of weird attitude take over my body. It's not so much of a powerful attitude a red dress exerts, nor a sublime attitude white gives, but a cool, sophisticated vibe. It's simplicity makes you feel as though you can be anyone, you can be the real, underlying color. Moreover, if you're wearing a leather jacket, gloves, pants, or all of the above, you feel as though you can do anything. I mean, getting into leather pants on its own is quite remarkable.

3. Black is like plastic
It's moldable,'s in everywhere and everything. More often than not, you could find any single article of clothing in your wardrobe in this color, because of its simplicity and the notion that it "goes with everything." So, since this color is so abundant and most likely a great majority of your closet (I know it is for mine), let's play a game. I want you to pair all these black articles of clothing into a single outfit, and see the sort of magic simplicity it unleashes. Moreover, I want you to see how quickly it can change your mood or attitude!

Feel free to link any outfit posts of you wearing head-to-toe black. 
And also...feel free to write in the comments below how much you hate black and how your favorite color is actually red. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

His & Hers.

Today at work, we were hosting a black & white event, thought it would be fun and trendy to show myself with another style of fashion with women's. We're both wearing all black from head to toe, except Cristina through a black & white blazer over top of her outfit. Just a sense of what the pre-holiday should look like. What's your take on it? 

-Michael Antonio

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Be sure to Own the Halls!

The good old "all black look," this is the look to have right now and through the winter. In this picture, black jeans with a black leather jacket and high top sneakers was worn. You can get the jeans at your nearby H&M and sneakers at Aldo. Also, buy yourself a bag. Make a statement, women are not the only people who can. This season can be your season to own it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Suit & Tie

Following the corporate trend over here. With a cotton-sateen suit and a button down and tie, this look is the perfect trend for the work force. Suit up gentlemen! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Casual meets with Style.

 The casual look is what we are going for here. With a quilted leather vest, denim sleeves, dressed with khaki colored jeans, black sneakers, and a briefcase; this look makes for one to walk the streets with in New York City. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dressing cool during the fall season.

Dressing up with those beloved Fall colors, you can dress nicely to the feel-good sixty degree weather and look superb for class. What better way to distract your peers away from their studies to take a minute and study you instead?! With your choice of boots and colored jeans, you can wear your summer denim vest with a merino wool sweater underneath and plan crew-neck tee. 

Own it.

Leather is in demand. Wear it and own it. The look here is a street/business-casual look. Perfect for a student city look with a dark colored button down to go underneath and black jeans and shoes. Besides the vest making the outfit, the brief-case is doing the job too. So get one!