Wednesday, August 28, 2013

F.A.B Back To School Countdown End

Today's the day! It's the official first day of classes. As our countdown ends the question is what do you wear to start your school semester off? 
First impressions are vital, so as excited or nervous you may be wear something to show your confident in yourself and ready for anything. Incorporating your personal style in your first day outfit is key. 
Stay chic and stylish for your running around from class to class, bumping into old faces or greeting new ones. 
Here are some style ideas to start your fall semester off right:

Be whoever you want to be this Fall! 
Varsity, Classy Florals, Minimal ombre's, Sharp Contrasts, Nerdy Cut-outs, Bohemian Flare 
P.S make the outfit your own and when in doubt accessorize. It can take simple to another level. 

           Good luck on your first day   
               And do it in STYLE!!!!

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