Thursday, March 6, 2014


It may be the old-timer inside of me, but I've always had a fondness of hats; beanies, caps, fedoras, felted ones, athletic ones, leather ones...the list can go on and on. The fact that this amazing accesory frames the face and adds a touch of mystery and drama to an outfit is enough to have me swoon, hence my hat drawer reaching full capacity lately. Besides its aesthetic appeal however, hats are also a great way to hide messy hair (*personal secret revealed). 

This season, we're seeing a revival of the 70's floppy hat. It was always something you'd see thrown on along with some huge white-rimmed frames and a jumpsuit, but its almost becoming a staple of the sophisiticated city-girl or city-guy. To be honest, I always found it sort of "daring" or even slightly obnoxious of me to wear a huge floppy in-your-face hat. The thought of hitting someone in the face with my commuter-sized backpack is enough of an issue to grapple with- now I have to worry about my hat?!? I always admired those people who could pull off something so daring and mysterious-looking, but never had the courage to actually try this trend, myself.....but I'm slowly getting lured in. 

As a matter of fact, I walked into an H&M today with the mission to get one of these beautiful hats, but alas-they were sold out! I'm not giving up.

What do you think of the floppy hat trend?



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