Saturday, November 9, 2013


It's always difficult trying to make-do with the irrational, bipolar weather in New York. Trying to find the perfect pieces that keep you warm (but not too warm) as Autumn get's chillier, gets harder and harder as you want the perfect staples that last SEVERAL wares. Moreover, you want something that does its job for both Autumn and Winter, so that you don't have to go out and purchase an entire new wardrobe every season. So, without further ado- I offer you my picks for some of my favorite fall transitional pieces!
1. A Structured Vest
This is one of my favorite types of fall-winter transitional pieces, because there are so many adorable army-inspired ones out there! If you're not so into that trend, feel free to go for any other print, color, or style you like, just be sure to find something with some sort of waist definition: It's all about the curves dears! Most importantly, a structured vest is great because it doesn't add much bulkiness to an outfit, but still adds a layer of warmth. During the fall, you may want to pair this with a think knit long-sleeve top or button down (I like pairing these with plaid shirts). While in the winter, you could go for something like a sweater! You can even play around with items you already have like a leather jacket, by adding a vest like this on top: it makes for the perfect DIY (no-sew) Mixed Material Jacket in under 5 seconds.

2. Button-Down Dress/Shirt
Similar to the button-down I mentioned that can go underneath a structured vest, these button-downs are PERFECT for layering. I personally, like to wear a plaid shirt under a simple crew-neck sweater, to give me extra warmth. If you want something a little more girly, you can try the same thing with a button-down dress like this denim number I'm wearing here. And if you're not feeling the sweater on top, you can use a blazer, cardigan, or anything that suits your personal style and local forecast.
3.  Knit Sweater
To go along with the button down, having a sweater on top not just polishes the look, but also keeps you more warm. I don't know about you, but I've always had trouble trying to find the right thickness of sweater that was perfect for layering over button-downs, but still managed to slim my figure. I would always find sweaters that were so baggy and bulky looking after I layered them, that I almost gave up hope- until I found the right one: The key is to pick something not too thick and not too thin, yet slightly fitted. It may take time, but I would definitely recommend going to a vintage shop, as much of the more contemporary stores like H&M tend to make very baggy sweaters.
 If you're not into the layering, feel free to pair your sweater with stuff that fits YOUR personal style. I like mixing my knits with leather and denim materials.

Now, if you're having trouble visualizing these pieces, I've put together a bunch of outfits repurposing the items! There are so many different combinations that I hadn't been able to even compile them into a single photo- but you get the picture!

What are your fall-winter transitional pieces? 

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