Thursday, October 24, 2013


More and more, we see frugal fashionistas/fashionistos going after pre-worn or secondhand clothing, to get the best bang out of their buck. I mean, when worrying about college expenses, who really has the money to buy new designer duds?

Thrifting is not just a way to save money on clothing, but it is also a way to find unique pieces. Time after time, we see many of our favorite somewhat cheap clothing stores like Forever 21 or H&M put out the same, generic old cardigan or dress. Now don't get me wrong, these shops are great when one needs a relatively cheap, quick clothing or trend fix, but it's sometimes hard to find a piece that you won't see your friend wearing the next day. When it comes to thrifting or vintage shopping, its all about finding pieces that are unique, hard-to-find, and of nice material. A lot of cheap, newer clothing use plasticky materials like rayon and nylon, whereas many older clothes tend to use more high-quality materials. Not only that, but you just don't find great shoulder-padded gems these days at your local H&M! And most importantly, you can almost always find your favorite designer at a fraction of the cost, with some digging and perseverance!

Luckily for us Baruchians, we do not just live in the city of fashion, bargain-hunting, and sample-sale madness, but also second-hand/vintage heaven! For an avid thrifter in New York City, Gramercy and Murray Hill are just a few of the key spots in the city where you can find tons of second-hand shops right by each other.  

Thrift Shops near Baruch:

114 W 26th Street
This shop is great not just because it allows you to sell old/unworn items, but you will almost always find high end designers here in extremely good condition. Diane Von Fursteburg, J Crew, Zara, Cynthia Rowley, J Brand, and even Michael Kors are just some of the few brands I've come across here. Also, the styles here are very contemporary. So, if you're not such a shoulder-pad fan, so you will most likely find items that are current and trendy. Some of my prized purchases from here: An American Apparel dress for $18, Vince Camuto Pumps for $20, Coach Messenger Bag for $38, and a 7 for All Mankind Jeans for $10.

157 E 23rd St.
This place is just lovely. Items are in great condition, you will always find designer things, they have home-decor items too! You will also find records and tons of books! Tuesdays are student discount day, so don't forget your ID. My prized purchase: A Coca Cola giant Alarm Clock for $12. It reminded me of something straight out of a 50s diner!

220 E 23rd St.
103 W 25th St.
You've definitely heard of this thrift shop out of all of them, whether you've donated, passed by, or browsed their books. It is definitely the cheapest out of most thrift stores in the city. If you go to different locations, you will probably find items to be even cheaper, but these particular Goodwill Stores have the best selection of contemporary and designer clothing. Also, they have these awesome window sales every Friday where they sell loads of luxurious items. I've seen a Chanel bag (yes I know...crazy), a Michael Kors watch, a Louis Vuitton bag, and digital cameras in these window sales. If you're interested, read more about them here.

Some other thrift shops to look for in the area:

Salvation Army: 208 E 23rd St.

Cause for Paws: 23rd and 3rd Avenue

St. George's Thrift Shop: 61 Gramercy Park N.

Happy Bargain-Shopping Fabbers!

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