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This DIY is something I've done in the past after getting inspired by none other than the popular Beauty/Fashion Youtube Guru, MissGlamorazzi. You can check out an earlier post I've made about this DIY, where I recreated my own Peter Pan Collar necklaces including some photographs here! But, for the time being, I'm bringing this DIY project back to you, FABBERS!

With most DIY projects, I tend to get so obsessive and absorbed into the execution where I spend countless hours trying to perfect what I'm doing, only until I end up giving up and maybe wearing the finished (and somewhat mediocre) product once. With this DIY however, I've found that these necklaces are not just festive and appropriate for the Autumn/Winter season (hence, their resurrection), but they're actually quite cute and wearable. Moreover, they are EXTREMELY EASY to make for even the least crafty Fabbers! 

So, let's get onto the DIY!

The Steps:

1. Get your supplies together. Scissors (should be sharp, so don't run with them), Tacky glue (so your embellishments last), Felt (which you can purchase at any craft store), Ribbon (as your necklace part), and any sort of embellishments that represent YOUR personal style. So, this could mean, studs, spikes, gems, buttons, or even fake pearls. Next, print out this pattern.

2. Fold your felt piece in half. Line up the pattern towards the folded edge, so that when you open it, there will be two sides!

3. Pin the pattern in place OR outline the pattern in a paint pen/chalk.

4. Cut around your pinned pattern/chalk outline.

5. You are now left with a felt collar! Glue on your designs/gems/embellishments to your personal taste! If you're working with poke-through studs, you won't even need glue.

6. For the necklace portion: put a small amount of tacky glue to the corners of the necklace and place the ribbon (with enough length to tie it) on the glued portion. Don't worry about the white glue because it will dry clear.

7. Let your creation dry overnight, and you're done!

For more visual learners: check out Missglamorazzi's video!

Also, feel free to show us your creations at the Fashion At Baruch Facebook Page!

Good Luck!

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