Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Color Trend : COBALT!!

It's Electrifying, vibrant, bold. It's Cobalt!

No one can deny the fact that this color has been turning heads as it has been seen strutting down the runway and even brushing past us on our very own New York streets. 

For Fall 2013, ignore the cliche of warm colors only and turn up the color. Cobalt blue can turn any down outfit, up! As well as Cobalt on Cobalt for amplified minimalism.

Whether on your nails or in your home, this hue of blue isnt one to shy away. It's rich quality tends to captivate attention. (Even unwanted ones

Even the smallest hint of Cobalt blue will make a statement. Add it to black and white stripes and/or leather giving it an edgy and even bolder look. 

So accessorize and fashionize (doubt that's even a real word but..) your life this fall with something Cobalt Blue!!

1 comment:

  1. fashionize is definitely a word (it should be)! love cobalt!